Atmosphere Conquer

Cool things you'll definitelly enjoy:

...or hate, if you're a snowflake

- Custom Launcher with Integrated MetSpammer

- No safezone in Twin City for low levels

- Reborn NPC in Skypass, not in market

- Custom events and bosses

- No censorship, freedom of speech in game chats

- Duel-BOT

- Shift-Click for fast Trade/Deposit/Sell/Vending/ArtisanWind

- View Range increased

Atmosphere 2.0 features

- Second reborn.

- Offline market and mining.

- Low rates.

- Red/black names drop items.

- Broken dura causes items to dissapear.

- No battlepower, cps, shopping mall, lotto, steeds or talismans.

- No donation items, no gourds and no P2W.

- No classes such as ninja, monk and pirate.

- Compose Bank for +1`s, Gem Bank.

Atmosphere Conquer